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Whole Lemon Blender Cake

whole lemon blander cake

This cake boasts a wonderfully simple preparation yet is rich in vibrant citrus lemon essence.

HEALTHY whole lemon blender cake

After the tremendous success of our Whole Orange Blender Cake, we couldn’t resist crafting a lemon counterpart. In this rendition, I embraced a more conventional approach, employing all-purpose flour and cane sugar.

The result is an extraordinary cake, bursting with robust lemon flavors and characterized by a dense texture achieved through the blending process.

For optimum taste, a Meyer’s Lemon is recommended, though a regular lemon yields fantastic results.

In the absence of Vanilla Greek Yogurt, a simple substitution involves using regular Greek yogurt with added vanilla extract and a touch more sugar blended in.

LEMON blander cake

Why Whole Lemon Blender Cake

  • Simplicity: Enjoy the ease of preparation while relishing the intense lemon taste.
  • Versatility: A more traditional method with all-purpose flour and cane sugar offers a unique take on citrus-infused cakes.
  • Success from Predecessor: Building on the viral success of the Whole Orange Blender Cake, this lemon version promises a similarly delightful experience.


Can I use regular lemons instead of Meyer’s Lemon?

Absolutely, while Meyer’s Lemon is recommended, a regular lemon works exceptionally well in this recipe.

Can I substitute Vanilla Greek Yogurt with regular Greek yogurt?

Yes, by adding 1 tsp vanilla extract and a bit more sugar to the blender, you can seamlessly replace Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

What contributes to the dense texture of the cake?

The dense texture is a result of the blender process used in the recipe.

Is this cake similar to the Whole Orange Blender Cake?

While both cakes share a blending method, this lemon version adopts a more traditional approach with all-purpose flour and cane sugar, offering a distinct flavor profile.

whole lemon blander