Why You Need Blazing Speed ​​To Make Money With Adsense

The net is full of small websites and tiny blogs with very little traffic whose owners log into their Google AdSense accounts every morning hoping for some kind of miracle.

It is really sad because while there is nothing wrong with dreaming of earning a lot of money, one cannot just dream without taking action or concrete steps to achieve his dream. And logging into your Google AdSense account hopefully every morning (having done nothing new) doesn’t quite qualify as a concrete action to achieve your dream of healthy AdSense income.

Although miracles still happen all the time in this world filled with skeptics, the truth is that you are better off creating your own miracles than waiting for them to be brought about by outside forces.

There are a few basic truths about making money with AdSense that you will need to be aware of as a site owner or blogger, if you want to start making some serious AdSense money. Incidentally, all of these factors have to do with speed.

i) The speed at which new pages are created on your site will have a big impact on your AdSense earnings

The speed at which new pages are created on your site will have a direct and significant impact on your AdSense earnings. The number of indexed pages on your site will directly affect the amount of traffic you receive through search engines. The higher your traffic, the higher the chances of your AdSense ads being clicked. And of course, the more pages you have on your site with AdSense ads displayed, the more clicks you will get.

Just try this little experiment. If you are currently posting about 1 post per day, switch and start posting five to seven posts per day. You should see an immediate difference in your AdSense earnings. Of course, most of the impact will be felt over a longer period of time as your posts get indexed. But you can imagine how powerful it will be if within a few days of posting more posts you have an impact on your AdSense earnings.

It is important to note here that it has been proven that search engine traffic is generally the most ideal for AdSense ads and it is the one that will always earn you more clicks.

So, the big question here is how does a small site with no budget to hire teams of writers to quickly build pages of content ever hope to make money from Adsense? We will examine this issue in more detail later in this article and see how some clever bloggers and webmasters are solving this problem in very creative ways.

ii) How quickly you can create new blogs can make you a fortune

I’m not talking about the spammy splogs or blogs that annoy everyone (except those who create them) and that Google is now ruthlessly cracking down on. Anyone can create hundreds of splogs (which contain nothing but keyword phrases and AdSense ads) in a short period of time. But few know what to do to be able to quickly create hundreds of quality blogs with quality useful content and the right keywords to attract the attention of major search engines.

A strategy for creating new blogs quickly, used very effectively by bloggers, is to create blogs based on current events and new developments that are sure to generate increased public interest in the days to come. When you do this, you have a head start on keywords and keyword phrases that you know will be extremely popular in the near future. This can mean hundreds of thousands of hits from search engines.

But then again, how does a penniless bachelor blogger pull off this one? There is a way that Google doesn’t mind and it’s done all the time. More on that later.

iii) The speed at which backlinks pointing to your site are generated will impact traffic and your AdSense revenue

Backlinks, we all know, are extremely important. The speed at which they are generated will have a direct impact on your traffic and ultimately your AdSense earnings.

Lots of backlinks or one-way links pointing to your site will not only bring in lots of traffic, but will also improve your search engine rankings, which will bring in even more traffic.

Anyone who finds a way to generate this quickly has the whole world at their feet. Keep reading and you’ll find out how others are doing it.

Solution: Key to unlock AdSense Fortunes

The solution and the key to unlocking AdSense fortunes (and indeed any other affiliate program income) is being able to accelerate one of the three key aspects I mentioned above. Site owners come up with all sorts of ingenious ways to do this. Here are some of the most popular.

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