Venus retrograde – money, love and happiness

Venus rules your money, your relationships, and most importantly what makes you happy. One of the best things you can do during a Venus retrograde is to really think about what makes you happy, what brings love and joy into your life.

This is the perfect time to finish all the unfinished business you have regarding finances and relationships. For example, you may come up with a new plan to get out of debt, you may be in an unhealthy business partnership that needs to be redefined or ended, you may have a new business idea that needs more planning and structure before you can proceed.

In your relationships, people from the past may come back into your life so that you can resolve any unfinished business that may be keeping you from moving on with your life. Have you learned the lessons associated with this relationship? If you’ve been struggling in a relationship, this could be a good time for reconciliation.

Retrograde Venus tends to slow down everything related to money and love, giving you plenty of time to reflect and see the bigger picture more clearly.

With Venus retrograde in Capricorn, it’s likely to focus on money and business, as Capricorn rules big business, debt, financial institutions, banking, and insurance. Capricorn is also ruled by Saturn, so you may need to restructure your finances and relationships or whatever isn’t working for you in those areas. There could be endings and completions in order to make room for something new and more satisfying to come into your life.

Do you have enough balance in your relationships? Are you giving too much? Are you taking too much?

It’s a good time to examine your spending habits, and with Venus retrograde in Capricorn, you may need to tighten your belts and only spend what you need rather than what you want.

As this downgrade occurs during the holidays and New Years, I would suggest waiting until after December 20 before buying luxury or bulky items, as you’ll likely find there are huge reductions in price and good deals to be had once Venus goes retrograde. I expect to find plenty of bargains at most retail stores.

If you purchase anything during this time, be sure to keep all receipts, warranties, and warranties, as items may be lost during a downgrade. I once bought a coat during Venus retrograde for $150.00 and returned it to the store because it didn’t fit very well. Instead of refunding $150.00 to my credit card, they only refunded $15.00! It took me months to get the rest of the money from them.

On a personal level, you may meet someone and feel like you’ve fallen in love with them. Try to take it easy during retrograde, take your time, because when Venus goes direct on January 31, 2014, that person may not be quite who you thought they were and you could end up being very disappointed. As long as you took it slow and didn’t get too emotionally tied up, you won’t feel devastated if things don’t go as well as you hoped.

Venus also rules the currency of a country, its currency.

All over the world our economy is changing and collapsing and during this retrograde time I wouldn’t be surprised if we see even more bankruptcies on a global scale and also on a personal level where people have just overloaded themselves with commitments finances that they are unable to sustain.

If you’ve worked hard, are debt-free, and your relationships are healthy and built on integrity and trust, then this retrograde Venus in Capricorn won’t affect you negatively. If, however, you have spent too much and your relationships are toxic, this can be a time of disruption that gives you the opportunity to rebalance your finances and relationships.

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