Use the law of attraction as your own personal money magnet

Using the Law of Attraction as your personal money magnet is easy when you know one of the best kept “secrets” of the Law of Attraction, which is “Energetic Magnetism”. In fact, the terms “law of attraction” and “energetic magnetism” could be used interchangeably since they are essentially the same. This article explains the two main tricks that most people miss when it comes to making the law of attraction work for money.

If you want to be magnetic for money, you want to create the ability to “pull” or “pull” money towards yourself. To do this you want to create something called “magnetism” within you and to do this you need to think in terms of “energy” rather than just thinking in terms of brain activities such as positive thinking.

According to the Google dictionary, magnetism is defined as “a physical phenomenon produced by the movement of an electric charge, causing attractive and repulsive forces between objects”. While that sounds “a bit too scientific” to most of us, it basically means that what you need to do is charge two objects with enough energy attract each other. In our case, since we want to manifest money with the magnetism of the Law of Attraction, the two objects we want to “energetically charge” would be you and money.

So let’s say silver already has some electrical charge or energy which can also be called a “frequency”. As a radio dial has numbers to indicate the different energy frequencies of the radio channels, silver already has a “channel” (or energy frequency) on the dial of this planet. So, now let’s say all you have to do is get your body’s physical “energy frequency” (your radio dial) “tuned” to match money or whatever you desire. Although it sounds difficult, it’s really quite easy when you know a few tricks.

All you have to do when you want to learn how to attract money with the law of attraction using its magnetism is to think “energetically” rather than “intellectually”. When you think “energetically” you have learned the real secret of using the Law of Attraction to manifest money. This is how to attract money, plain and simple, but most people are unaware of this important factor when learning how to manifest money.

You see, most people approach the law of attraction thinking it’s all “in their head”. But, it’s not just “all in their minds”. A bigger part of learning about manifesting money is changing the physical “energetic” signal (frequency) you send out to the Universe through your body, and you can’t do that easily by just doing assertions. You must do this by doing things that actually change your body’s energy or frequency to match the “electrical charge” or money frequency. When you do this, the indisputable science of magnetism takes over and you attract things to you very quickly.

One way to work “energetically” rather than “intellectually” with the law of attraction for money is to do things that teach your body the physical vibration of what you want. For example, if you want more customers, then you physically pretend (and go through the physical motions) to act like you have customers. Yes, that means pretending to talk to them on the phone, making initial appointments, etc. This teaches your body the “vibration” (or frequency) of having clients and thus makes your body “charged” with the same “electrical charge” or frequency of having clients and, bingo, you become magnetic to get customers.

Is there more than that? Well yes. You can do all the “pretend” you want, but if your subconscious is fighting you, you’re still “up a creek with no paddle”. Although it always seems to be in the cerebral arena, it really is in the energetic arena because your subconscious is also giving off an energetic signal at the same time that you are thinking or doing other things. What you want to do is change your subconscious to also become magnetic to money and there are specific technologies you can use to teach your mind how to become magnetic to money because your subconscious is your most powerful “homing pigeon” when you use the law of attraction for manifest money. When you alter your subconscious to attract money, you have given yourself the second “key to unlocking the magic of the law of attraction for money”.

If you wish to use the Law of Attraction as your own personal money magnet, utilize the absolute power of its magnetism by doing energy exercises that alter the physical vibration of your body to match what you desire, as well as by using today’s technologies such as targeted hypnosis. and specific brainwave meditations to transform your subconscious mind into your very own “homing pigeon” that automatically attracts whatever you desire.

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