Understanding Pruvit: Can You Really Make Money With Pruvit?

Pruvit was first registered in 2013 and offers a line of products designed to help your body achieve ketosis, allowing you to lose up to a pound a day, increase your IQ and boost your energy. Along with offering a product that helps your body get into ketosis, Pruvit also offers a business or income opportunity for you to earn money by home marketing their product and business. First of all, what exactly is ketosis? Simply put, ketosis is a condition your body can enter allowing you to burn fat fast and increase your metabolism. However, can you really make money marketing Pruvit’s business or product?

The thing: Most companies similar to Pruvit have a wide variety of products and lots of them. However, Pruvit only has A product. They have based their entire business around this product and have worked scientifically to engineer this product to work to the best of its abilities.

  1. KETO//OS (Ketone Operating System) – This product is the only one in the Pruvit product line. It is basically a drink mix with ketone energy technology designed to provide the body with macronutrients giving your body the ability for cell regeneration and stability while improving body energy and focus and , most importantly, by burning fat and increasing your metabolism. You can get 15 servings of this drink mix for $85.00, which is the minimum amount and price, and 75 servings for $350.00. Just dissolve a packet of this product in cold water and shake it like crazy!

This product is supposed to do a good amount of things, here are a few:

  • Provide rapid fat loss

  • Allow your body to passively gain strength

  • Allow your body to digest better

  • Increase your focus and energy

  • Allows you to enjoy better sleep

  • Treat your body to clearer, healthier skin

  • Put you in a better overall mood

  • Increase brain activity

The Opportunity: In order to understand if people can actually make money marketing Pruvit’s business or products, we need to look at their compensation plan. A compensation plan is simply how companies pay their members; every business in the world has one! Some pay minimum wage, others pay a salary, and companies similar to Pruvit do it very differently.

There are approximately 5 different payment types that Pruvit offers in addition to 14 subpayments in each major type, such as Introductory Rewards (first 30 days), Leadership Rewards, GamePlay Rewards, Partner Rewards, and Residual Rewards, we will only look at some of the underpayments. I’ll try to keep it simple while providing the information needed to know.

  1. Go Pro Bonus (launch rewards) – During your first 30 days of involvement in the Pruvit business or earning opportunity, you may receive payment based on your Personal Team Volume as well as your Team Volume. The higher these are, the more you are paid.
  2. Go Fast Bonus (GamePlay Rewards) – This payout is weekly, however, the Promoter or Distributor can also request daily payouts provided they are highly successful. The Go Fast Bonus pays the Promoter who signs up or sells for the first order placed by other Distributor Promoters they have Personally registered.
  3. Dream Team bonus (leadership rewards) – For members who have reached Rank 8, they have the opportunity to earn this annual bonus from other Promoters/Distributors they have personally signed up to and contribute to Team Volume. Simply put, if a Promoter enrolls someone personally and someone contributes to Team Volume by purchasing a product, the enrolling Promoter receives an annual payment. Keep in mind that to get this type of payout you need to reach rank 8. By the time you reach rank 8 you will have much more than just one promoter that you personally signed up for, therefore the payout could be quite huge.

In conclusion, yes you Can earn money by marketing the Pruvit company or its product.

The cost: If you want to get involved or affiliate with the business activity or income opportunity of Pruvit, you need to understand how much money it is going to take. Understand that this is a way for you to start a business from home. If you were to start a construction business, you would need to pay a certain amount to get started. That being said, don’t be discouraged from joining the company for this reason alone. Opening a business takes money!

VIP launch – In order to join Pruvit and start making money from home by marketing their business or products, you need to purchase their VIP Introductory Package for $350.00. If you become a VIP member of the company, you will be able to get discounts on their product. For 15 servings you will only pay $76.00 instead of the previous $85.00 and for the 75 servings product you will only pay $133.00 instead of $350.00.

My conclusion : Pruvit offers a product designed to kick your body into ketosis fairly quickly to increase your metabolism and burn fat. The product is unique but a bit expensive. They provide a business/income opportunity for those who want to market their products or business. This opportunity has several different types of payouts and yes, you can definitely earn money by being successful in sponsoring members into the business or marketing their products and generating sales. The cost is quite cheap, which makes sense. Most companies with start-up cost are either cheap or expensive, depending on how profitable their compensation plan is. The compensation plan offered by Pruvit is nice but will require a fair amount of work to start receiving huge payouts.

*Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with Pruvit or their business/income opportunity

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