Popular Food Fads You Shouldn’t Believe

Over the years, we have come to believe that certain things are true about certain foods, while others are not. Food fads are commonplace. They can interfere with healthy living and set us down a path that leads to poor long-term health.

Here are some of the common food fads floating around right now. Remember that this is all wrong, so make sure you understand how it may affect you.

1. Fruit juice is just as good as fresh fruit

Many people prefer to drink fruit juice rather than eat fresh fruit. Cold juice is much more refreshing than eating fruit. However, juicing removes the healthy fiber content from fruit, although it retains the vitamins and minerals found in fruit. Fiber is an important part of our diet and helps maintain low cholesterol levels and healthy intestines. Whenever possible, choose fresh fruit rather than fruit juice.

2. Coconut oil is good for you

It’s been a controversial topic for some time now, but things are clearing up now. It was previously believed that coconut oil was good for your health, but there doesn’t seem to be any scientific evidence to support it. In fact, coconut oil is loaded with harmful saturated fats that are responsible for clogging heart arteries. THE American Heart Association recently released a statement debunking the health benefits of coconut oil, stating that it does more harm than good. When possible, use olive oil or rice bran oil.

3. A gluten-free diet is healthier

It is a popular food fad. There is absolutely no truth to the claim that gluten-free foods are good for you and healthier than regular foods. In fact, gluten-free foods are only good for those who suffer from gluten intolerance or a condition called celiac disease. Instead, opt for whole-wheat products as a healthy food choice. In fact, be sure to choose a diet high in soluble fiber, as soluble fiber has a number of healing properties. protecting your heart.

4. Eggs are bad for you

Although egg yolks can raise cholesterol levels to some degree, they don’t seem to do so at all to worrying levels. Instead, they’re packed with vitamins and good fats along with the highest quality protein. Try to limit yourself to no more than 3 yolks per week.

5. Antioxidant supplements are better

The use of antioxidant supplements is in no way superior to the consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain them. In fact, it is better to opt for natural sources because of the added benefits they have. Keep your choice of colorful vegetables and expand your choice and variety in your kitchen.

Last word

There are many food fads. Seek advice from good sources before you start believing them.

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