If Your Girlfriend Left You In Money Troubles, You Need To Take Action

What is the main reason most relationships break up? Horrible sex? Too harassing? Incompatibility? Another lover? Did you just walk away? It’s none of that. By far the biggest reason relationships fail can be summed up in one word: money.

If you’re in money trouble, then you’re in big trouble. Nothing creates tension and difficulty like persistent hassles with bills, paying rent, paying for a car – or maybe even not being able to afford a car at all. ! If your girlfriend left you over money issues, then you have one of the most difficult situations to resolve. Getting an ex-girlfriend back to you is hard enough as it is. It’s even harder when you’re short on cash.

But before we all get depressed by this situation, let’s take a step back. Many guys think that if they were rich, or at least wealthy, their girlfriend would never have left them. It’s not as simple as that. If you don’t believe it, just listen to what’s going on with the rich and famous around the world, whether they’re movie stars or royalty. It quickly becomes apparent that people with a lot of money don’t have a better chance – an obviously sometimes much worse chance – of staying in a relationship. How many movie stars can you think of in the next five minutes who have two, three, or maybe four divorces under their belt?

The thing is, having a lot of money doesn’t guarantee a successful relationship. If you’re feeling sorry because your girlfriend left you because of financial issues, it’s time to start rethinking the whole situation. You could be very rich, and she could be gone anyway.

What does this tell you about money? Obviously, it makes no difference how much you have or how little you have. If your relationship fundamentals are strong, even a dire financial situation shouldn’t be an excuse for your girlfriend to leave. Money is just a convenient excuse, an outside factor.

Okay, but let’s also acknowledge that while money may not be the ultimate reason she left you, it was definitely a contributing factor. This is because the constant stress of money creates an overall climate of tension and struggle. It is very difficult for any relationship to thrive in an environment of constant struggle.

Incredibly, a lot of guys do the exact opposite of what they should do when they have a money problem, and their partner leaves – they go into even more debt! That’s right!

There’s something about relationship issues that can cause many men to lose all common sense. For example, they think if they only had a nicer car, maybe their girlfriend would come back to them. So they pull out all the stops, gather all their resources, and take out a huge loan to buy new wheels. So now they have a shiny new car, and even more debt and payments to worry about. To get that new car, they may have had to take out a second mortgage on their home or run up huge debts on their credit cards.

Other guys spend the money on some sort of bribe – perhaps an expensive piece of jewelry to hang in front of their ex in a desperate attempt to get her back. Even though it works in the short term, as soon as the new load of bills starts to come due, the stress level rises to whole new levels. Under these conditions, the relationship is probably doomed to failure.

So the first step to getting your ex-girlfriend back if she left you due to financial stress is to start tackling your issues one by one. The last thing you want to do if you’re in money trouble is to get tangled up in even more money trouble. What you need to do is start taking control of your financial life. Rather than buying a new car, it might be time to sell the one you have!

It’s about making priorities in your life. You have to decide if you want to put your relationship and your personal life first, or continue to be a slave to all your bills. Of course, getting your financial life in order is never an easy task. If you think you can’t handle it yourself, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice. It doesn’t have to cost you a penny. There are many free debt counseling services – especially in these difficult financial times – available to you. Enjoy it. Get help formulating a solid plan to start paying off your debts and start earning more money.

Just taking that first step toward mastering your financial life can be a huge relief. You will immediately feel like you are finally doing something positive to regain control of your life. When you start to take control financially, you start to reduce that all-pervading stress that’s been plaguing you and making your relationship hell. It’s a sad fact of our modern society that even when two people love each other, a general state of financial stress can cripple even good relationships.

So let’s say you do the hard work, make the tough decisions, and begin the process of getting into a more financially stable position – but at the same time, you still have this other problem – the fact that your girlfriend is gone! All of this can seem quite overwhelming, and it is! This is exactly why you need to take a deep breath, realize that the toughest problems don’t get solved easily or overnight, and take it one day at a time.

That doesn’t mean you can’t start taking the first steps to fixing your broken relationship and taking steps to get your ex-girlfriend back. It might not be a bad idea to contact your ex and tell him what you’re up to. Maybe write him a letter and say something like:

“I know times have been tough and we’ve argued a lot about money. I don’t blame you for not wanting to live a stressful life filled with constant worrying about bills, or never have money to go out and do something fun. I really think my money issues were a big part of our breakup. Again, I don’t blame you, I blame myself. I just wanted you to know that I am taking positive steps to improve my financial situation. control. I never want to have money problems again. I hope you will give me time to put me in a better position. If I do, I think really that our relationship could become special again. I hope you will give me time to right my ship, and maybe even consider coming back to me when I am in a better position, and when there are not so many problems for us constantly worrying or arguing…”

…Or something like that.

Note that this is just an example of the type of letter you might write to your ex-girlfriend. But note that the message in our example is not pleading or blaming. You’re just “blaming” yourself, and you’re not begging your girlfriend to come back to you either. You are just letting her know that you still care about here and that you are making positive changes in your life because of her. You can’t lose with this approach. Many girls would be flattered that their ex-boyfriend cared enough about them to want to radically transform their own lives and strive to create a better world for both of you.

Still, you may need to give it time. Money problems don’t go away overnight. If you have serious money problems, things might even get worse before they get better. But until you get to the root of the problem and remove financial stress from your life, getting your ex-girlfriend back will be extremely difficult. And even if she does come back, she may not leave until all the old money issues resurface.

If there’s anything positive about a broken relationship, it’s that this difficult situation helps us re-examine our lives to find out what’s wrong, and it forces us to make overall improvements in our situation. Taking control of money issues is one of the best things a man can do – and it sets the stage for a stable, happy relationship that will last forever.

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