Gluten Free Shabbat Desserts

The perfect Shabbat dessert doesn’t have to have wheat. There are plenty of delicious gluten-free desserts, from simple to decadent, that you can safely indulge in! With a little creativity and experimentation, sweet satisfaction is on the way.

When choosing another Shabbat dessert, consider whether you’re trying to create a gluten-free version of a recipe or are looking to make something that doesn’t call for wheat at all. For example, are you trying to make a perfect gluten-free cookie that has all the properties of a wheat flour cookie or would you be happy with a mango sorbet?

If you’re risk averse, opt for the recipe that never calls for wheat. Choose fresh fruit, sorbets, mousse or meringue cookies. This is a fail-safe method. You won’t miss the gluten because it was never meant to be there. You can either make your own or buy ready-made sorbets and ice creams (which don’t have to be dairy if you eat them after a meat meal).

Another option is to buy gluten-free baked desserts from a specialty bakery.

You can also make gluten-free cookies, brownies and cakes from special mixes. You’ll want to make sure the mix and all the ingredients are dairy-free if you plan to serve the item after a meat (fleishig) Shabbat. meal.

Gluten-free frozen foods can be a lifesaver for a quick Shabbat dessert. Simply fill and cook.

Are you really adventurous? Ready to take the risk of cooking gluten-free? Although it takes more effort, the results can be very rewarding. Choose your recipes wisely, seeking out as many rave reviews as possible. Do you have the necessary ingredients in your kitchen? If not, do you know where to get it (supermarket health section, specialty store, order online)? Experiment with different flours until you find the taste and consistency you’re looking for (be patient and keep trying). Alternative flours can be made from: amaranth, arrowroot, corn, fava, hemp, quinoa, rice, sorghum, soy and tapioca. A combination of flours usually works best.

Passover recipes can be a treasure trove as many people avoid wheat (in addition to matzah) during the holiday. If the label says non-gebrokts, it’s gluten-free. If the recipe calls for matzoh flour, farfel, or matzoh cake flour, all bets are off. You’ll want to stock up on your favorite gluten-free products over Passover (great idea for soy and corn allergies, too).

If you have multiple food allergies, just because a food doesn’t contain wheat doesn’t mean it’s safe for all food allergies. On the contrary, many gluten-free baked goods contain nuts and eggs. Check ingredients for allergens before selecting a recipe or store-bought product. Search may also contain statements that may indicate cross-contamination, traces of allergens, or shared equipment. There are a few companies that have dedicated facilities and do not manufacture any allergenic products. Keep in mind that you will pay a premium for these specialty products.

Whether you choose a ready-made gluten-free dessert for your Shabbat meal or make your own, the results can be delicious. The only limit is your imagination.

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