Food allergies and stuttering link

Since the reasons for the cause of stuttering are unknown, there is a theory that links food allergies to stuttering. According to this notion, allergy to certain foods causes activation of the sympathetic nervous system rather than the parasympathetic nervous system. As a result, what follows is an increase in the level of anxiety in the stutterer which stimulates the stuttering and makes it worse.

There has been no conclusive evidence to show that certain foods make this condition worse or worse in someone who is already a stutterer. But there have been cases where sufferers have experienced a remarkable improvement in their condition with the elimination of certain items from their diet. Most people are unaware of the connection between stuttering and food. It cannot be assumed that this link exists in all stutterers, but it is possible that some people suffer from this problem due to their diet. It is advisable to check with a gastroenterologist to make sure that their food intake is not a possible reason for their stuttering.

The most common food allergy in people who stutter is to gluten which has been found to make stuttering worse. Gluten is a substance found in wheat and is therefore present in most varieties of bread. The stutterer’s consumption of gluten makes their stutter worse, sometimes making it so bad that the stutterer is not even able to speak a full sentence. Slurring and stuttering become extremely bad with gluten consumption. Once the stutterer stops consuming gluten in any form, their stuttering returns to its normal level. But this aversion to gluten could also be due to other more serious disorders like celiac disease and should be checked with a doctor immediately.

Additionally, foods high in dopamine cause extreme stuttering in people who stutter and should therefore be avoided. One of these dopamine-rich elements is caffeine and this, along with sugary foods, should not be included in the diet of sufferers. Some people develop a temporary stutter due to their allergy to certain varieties of food; Peanut butter allergy causes stuttering in some people. These people can be avoided by staying away from allergic foods. The same goes for stutterers who also suffer from food allergies, but since they already stutter in their speech, it is better to be careful and stay away from these objects.

I hope this information can help you relieve your symptoms.

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