Are you still hungover? – 3 common causes

Everyone knows how horrible a hangover is, so having a constant hangover can be a real problem. Headaches, nausea, vomiting, shaking, lethargy, dizziness – and symptoms can range from minor to making you unable to function at all. So if you suffer from it regularly and know that you don’t drink alcohol, or just very small amounts, then you need to start looking for other causes.


This is a very common cause. Alcohol contains sugar and yeast, and for those with this condition, just about any amount of alcohol is a no no. In reality, if you’ve been diagnosed with Candida, you really need to eliminate alcohol from your life completely. Yes, it may be difficult, but anything is better than having to live with terrible feelings all the time.

Celiac disease / Gluten allergy

One of the symptoms of celiac disease or a gluten allergy is always a hangover. If the body is fighting gluten, the symptoms it causes are very similar to those of excessive alcohol consumption. People with celiac disease often report that having a small amount of alcohol is like drinking a huge amount, and the resulting hangover is the same.

Anxiety and depression

Unfortunately, these are very common causes that a large proportion of the population are likely to suffer from to some degree at some point in their lives. Both can affect the quantity and quality of your sleep, which can make you feel unwell.

So, the main problem you will find is to determine the real cause. These are 3 very common causes and ones that you may need to discuss with your doctor so they can determine the exact reason why you still have a hangover.

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