3 ways to make money with your podcast

Would you like to make money with your podcast? If you are a podcaster, the potential to generate income from your podcast is an added benefit for you as a podcaster.

As a podcaster, you don’t have to worry about large overhead costs and the revenue generated from your podcast will be mostly profit.

There are three main ways to make money from your podcast.

1. Generate income through commercial sponsors

One of the best ways to generate revenue for your podcast is through commercial sponsorship of your show. If you manage to get a major sponsor, you can generate significant revenue for your podcast. Over time, big companies are starting to recognize the true importance of podcasting.

Two moms, Paige and Gretchen, from Virginia, understand the importance of business sponsors. They host a weekly show called MommyCast which focuses on mothers. Paige is a mother of 5 and Gretchen is a mother of 2.

They got two major sponsors for their show, Earthlink and Dixie. As a result, they make substantial revenue solely from the commercial sponsorship of their show. When they first started doing podcasts, they probably had no idea how popular their show was. However, Earthlink and Dixie recognized the impact of their show and decided to become sponsors. http://www.mommycast.com/

If two Virginia moms can do it, anyone can achieve that same goal. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you podcast on. If you are able to generate a substantial audience, the chances of getting major sponsors for your podcast will increase.

Commercial sponsorship of your podcast is a great way to generate a great source of income. If you manage to get a big sponsor, it could earn you big income as a podcaster.

When two big companies like Earthlink and Dixie recognize podcasting as a way to reach potential customers, that’s great news for all podcasters. When a major sponsor advertises on traditional radio, the radio station’s signal is power-limited to a specific geographic region. However, with podcasting, there is no geographic limitation. Anyone in the world with a computer or mp3 player can potentially hear the show. So it’s a great selling point for potential sponsors.

2. Earn money with donations

Another way to generate income with your podcast is through donations. For example, Adam Kempenaar and Sam Hallgren host a twice-weekly movie podcast from Chicago called Cinecast. They review different movies and give their opinion. Their podcast is becoming very popular and continues to grow day by day. http://www.cinecast.com/

If you visit iTunes you will see that they are listed as a featured podcast in their podcast directory. This is a major asset for Cinemacast. http://www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/

Adam and Sam decided to make some money by soliciting donations for their podcast. When you go to their website, you will see a button for PayPay where listeners can donate to their podcast. PayPal has a positive reputation and is a great way to accept donations.

If you provide valuable information to your listener, they will appreciate your efforts and be more likely to donate. However, over time, Cinecast will likely be able to acquire domestic sponsors.

When you start podcasting, donations are a great way to generate income as your audience grows.

3. Get money from your website or blog

The third way to make money from your podcast is to run ads on your website or blog. Google AdSense is one way to achieve this goal. AdSense places ads on your website and when someone clicks on the ads, you get paid. https://www.google.com/adsense/

Another way to make money with your website or blog is to promote different products through Clickbank. ClickBank offers over 10,000 products that you can promote as an affiliate. Signing up as a ClickBank affiliate is free, and you earn money every time someone purchases a product through the links displayed on your site. http://clickbank.com/

The key to generating revenue is getting your podcast noticed. The best way to achieve this goal is to list your podcast in iTunes and also list your podcast in other podcast directories. You need to let people know you are there so you can get a large following. Over time, as your audience grows, the potential for commercial sponsors will also increase.

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